Eat can lose weight is simply lead: for chowhound, welfare does not eat to lose weight is simply the biggest disaster in, do not want to exercise, you can eat the case, is the best thing for the US public, some food to eat here, can let you quickly slim down. Weight loss is a lifelong career for all girls, and if you don’t want to exercise, you may lose weight by eating. (source: beauty female network) then we will look at what food can let us eat more thin? First food: Laver laver besides rich is rich in vitamin A, B1 and B2, it is also rich in cellulose and minerals, can eliminate body waste and excess water, make the body more light. Second kinds of food: sesame sesame seed is rich in a large number of linoleic acid, can remove excess cholesterol in the blood vessels, improve metabolism and the body’s microcirculation, you can achieve weight loss waist effect. Third kinds of food: Banana bananas, although the calories are very high, but the fat is very low, rich in potassium and full belly and low fat, can reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, is a good weight loss. Fourth kinds of food: apple apple is rich in unique malic acid, can accelerate metabolism, reduce the body fat, also can reduce the accumulation of water. Fifth kinds of food: soda acid red bean contains can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, promote urination and reduce constipation, so as to remove the lower body fat. Sixth kinds of food: papaya papaya is rich in unique proteolytic enzymes that can remove because meat and accumulate in the lower body fat, and papaya pectin is the most excellent hydrotherapy agent, can reduce the accumulation of waste in the lower part of the body. Seventh kinds of food: watermelon in the summer is a season to eat watermelon, watermelon and diuretic is expert, eat much can eliminate excess water to stay inside the body, but also not eat much sugar, not fat. Eighth kinds of food: bamboo shoots bamboo shoots are low fat and low sugar, multi fiber foods, can prevent constipation, but those who do not eat gastric ulcer. Ninth kinds of food: Grapefruit grapefruit is low in fat, will not eat more fat, it is also rich in potassium rich, helps to reduce body fat and moisture accumulation. Tenth kinds of food: spinach spinach can eliminate toxins in the body, and the efficacy of stovepipe. Eat more of these types of food can reduce fat accumulation, and the removal of excess water in the body, although there are some dieters, not so love sports, but the increase of some aerobic exercise to lose weight is better Oh, aerobic exercise can not only discharge excess toxins except within the body, can also speed up the The new supersedes the old.相关的主题文章: