Traffic: Ten Han Fu silver high-speed traffic is expected to break 5 hours [] for real-time traffic accident, G70 Fu Yin Wuhan Expressway to the direction of the eastern Shiyan West to Shiyan, site traffic disruption, is expected to 5 hours. Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed section of the traffic jam warning, from Yichang to Wuhan is expected to pass over 10 hours. Recommended Enshi, Yichang, Wuhan, Shanghai Chengdu high-speed (); Jingzhou, Qianjiang back to G318 state road. (reporter Zhao Feng) Hubei high-speed traffic police 5:30 8:33 message on the morning of October 7th, ten Han Fu silver high-speed, a semi-trailer loaded pepper hit Shiyan West to East Shiyan toll station between chenhuang ditch at the entrance of the tunnel wall, the body on fire, causing congestion. As of 8:00, the fire has been extinguished, because the current high wrecker rescue, Yunxi police brigade is Shiyan West split, Xi’an to Wuhan direction of the vehicle from Shiyan East Ring Road bypass to the east of Shiyan high-speed toll station. [city] Raiders station near the large crowd public attention to avoid blocking the 3 pm yesterday, the first peak return has been collected in the entry city population, especially the Dai Huang River high-speed toll station, because the traffic is too large, resulting in the passage is blocked. Today is the last day of the eleven golden week, the traffic control department predicted a number of maximum return traffic will arrive today. In addition, the railway station, bus station is also likely to occur around the congestion, the city’s citizens to try to avoid the city back to the blocking point. According to reports, yesterday morning, return traffic has emerged. Due to the Wuchang Railway Station passenger flow increase, coupled with an important channel out of the city, the surrounding traffic has been great. But by the holiday return peak, yesterday two link to the HanKou Railway Station Zhuyeshan direction of traffic increases, Jianghan traffic police in HanKou Railway Station surrounding to ease, and the HanKou Railway Station, Jin Jiadun passenger station area HD camera all open, illegally parked vehicles to remind, build block capture. In addition, 3 pm yesterday, Dai Huang River high-speed toll station ushered in the first batch of the return flow. Today is expected to import all day long the city traffic is relatively large, the return to the driver through patience, do not take up the emergency lane at high speed. > bus; > bus; reinforcements deployed the vehicle back to the city line reporter yesterday learned from the public transport group, 6 days before the national day, the bus passengers transported 22 million 80 thousand passengers, 7 days is expected to send over 2600 million passengers. 6, the return of the city passenger surge. 9 morning, Huangpi diaotai road passenger station 292 bus back to the city passenger flow peak, bus department immediately dispatched vehicles for reinforcements, one morning, 292 road car to 90. From Huangpi to the subway line 3, 2, 295, 286, 298 and 296 line, also appeared the traffic changes, as at 10 o’clock in the morning, 295 cars reached 57 units, 286, 296, 291 and so far city line has increased by an average of 3 to 5 flights, departure time from 7 to 8 within minutes. Urban scenic spots 342, 336, 411, 601 and other lines of passenger traffic also increased significantly. From HanKou Railway Station to East Lake Liyuan Road 411 6 day holiday passenger traffic reached 200 thousand passengers, the line in addition to 3 cars, the departure time is shortened to 5 to 6 minutes. Bound for Zhongshan Avenue, Wu Guang District 705, 526, etc..相关的主题文章: