Questioned the gold belt gold Zou Shiming responded: strong Zou Shiming (data plan) news yesterday, Zou Shiming [micro-blog] not long ago in the United States and Las Vegas won their first international champion gold belt, but is still a lot of people questioned the shortage of gold gold belt. The Zou Shiming team has passed micro-blog published a long article, criticized the related remarks and said "no matter how interpretation of the gold belt full of gold". Subsequently, Zou Shiming also face the controversy for the first time, said: "I have used powerful in their own way, break the question." The studio said gold belt full of gold in 5 days this month, Chinese boxer Zou Shiming won WBO in Las Vegas (one of the four World Boxing Organization) flyweight gold belt (50KG), as China boxing history won the world champion title second occupation fighter. After the game from Zou gold belt "gold content" issues of debate. Some comments that "Zou Shiming gold belt of low gold content" and "rival Kun ratio seven is three flow". In this regard, Zou Shiming studio official micro-blog issued a document, a detailed interpretation of Zou Shiming’s world champion gold belt. For Zou Shiming’s gold belt, studio said its gold content. Zou Shiming said the studio, four respectively in the 17 Heavyweight Boxing Organization with the organization only a world champion gold belt. In Zou Shiming’s class, a total of Jinggangshan Xiang (WBC), Estrada (WBO), Gonzales (WBO), Casey Maeder (IBF) four world champion, Zou Shiming originally have to challenge any personnel of the four can get the opportunity to become a champion, but by September 14th, due to Estrada going to high level, officially announced to give up their own WBA, WBO two flyweight champion gold belt, which also makes Zou Shiming to WBO and the world’s top 15 boxers fighting win can get the title of world champion. The $5000 appearance fees is groundless statement Zou Shiming studio said in the latest rankings for October 2016, the international gold belt winner Zou Shiming ranked second, more than seven opponents Kun intercontinental champion, ranked third. Therefore, the golden belt from the two people to produce completely consistent rules. As for Zou Shiming’s $5000 fee, the studio is said this is groundless statement, to promote the company’s business secret, not foreign direct figures. Yesterday morning, Zou Shiming forwarded studio micro-blog, for the first time in response to controversy: "in any stage will have to question your voice, from the beginning to the boxing Olympic champion, then world champion, I have used powerful in their own way, break the question. The body is born, the effort is the day after tomorrow, I just want to prove to hesitate in the friend I can, you also. I am me, Zou Shiming!" China Daily reporter Zhao Yulin (commissioning editor: rice)相关的主题文章: