The transfer of property in divorce, cleanse the family?   Xiamen lawyer summed up ten questions of property divorce – Fujian channel — original title: divorce property transfer, cleanse the family? Xiamen lawyer summed up ten questions the divorce property transfer of property, to cleanse the family? Netizens exclaimed: Baoqiang Wang saved! Recently, the Supreme People’s Court issued a batch of guiding cases, there is a case to clear before the divorce can be sentenced to the transfer of property less of property or cleanse the family". This case was released, it sparked heated debate. This guidance case, can apply to Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong divorce case? Property is transferred, how to restore the loss? Husband derailed, his wife can be more than property…… In view of the divorce property that, yesterday, the Herald reporter interviewed two experts in the long-term treatment of divorce lawyers and senior Xiamen University Law School, summed up the "property in divorce". 1 asked the supreme law case, Po strong apply? Q: the Supreme Court issued the above guidance case, whether it applies to Baoqiang Wang divorce case? Fujian Xin Hai law firm Lin Minhui lawyers: the Supreme People’s Court issued a guiding case for the trial work of the people’s courts at all levels of guiding significance. If Baoqiang Wang can provide evidence of other malicious transfer of jointly owned property situation, also can appeal the decision of the people’s court each other "cleanse the family". 2 asked the property was transferred, how to recover? Q: in the divorce lawsuit, once the transfer of property, the injured party how to restore the loss? Lin Minhui lawyer: three can recoup their losses. (1) can be sued directly, request the court to confirm the malicious transfer of property act is invalid, the request to return the original. (2) it is possible to assign the proceeds of the transfer in the divorce proceedings. (3) may request the people’s court to decide whether or not the other party’s other common property. 3 what are the circumstances, the transfer of property? Q: what circumstances can be identified as the transfer of the joint property of husband and wife? Deputy director of Fujian faithful family law firm Han Xueming lawyer: legal affairs department, including the common behavior of malicious transfer of jointly owned property in a divorce: 1 transfer of bank deposits; 2 of wage income not in the name of the couple passbook; 3 privately sell or sell the common property of husband and wife; 4 of the jointly owned property free transfer or private gifts to others. In addition, one side of the malicious debt is a malicious transfer of the common property of husband and wife. 4 asked her husband derailed, should be less property? Q: husband derailed, his wife can be more than the property? Lin Minhui lawyer: according to the "marriage law" article forty-sixth, also in line with the general derailed bigamy or has a spouse living together with others, the circumstances can claim for damages. Not one party derailed, the other party must be multi property. 5 asked what kind of divorce, you can claim? Q: during the marriage by the spouse’s injury, can claim compensation for divorce damage? Han Xueming lawyers: if the divorce through the court, China’s "marriage law" provides the following four cases lead to divorce, no相关的主题文章: