Like lake water interior exposed provincial ideal can shine into the White Sands Dongqian reality? The provincial government Dongqian, more than 3 thousand acres of Lake wetland, ecological wisdom as core area of public service…… "Baisha Group in Zheng Dong New District of Zhengzhou City Master Plan" approved by the Baisha area moment worth double, the surrounding real estate prices are also competing to stir. The provincial government is not moved? I’m afraid there is no one dare to bet. To be sure, like the recent lake water has been completed, the trunk below the Henan province science and Technology Museum the new museum is about to begin, more than 3 thousand acres of Lake Ecological Cultural Park interior also early exposure. Like the lake area planning for the future ideal, can shine into reality today, fake small white? Drove to the field visits. Zhengzhou Baisha park like Lake Ecological Engineering aerial image Lake Ecological Cultural Park signs from the perspective of Zheng Dong new district near CBD waterway overpass, driving along the road, Kim Zheng open road all the way to the East about 15 kilometers, 25 minutes to reach near, like lake ecological cultural park. If you start from Jinshui Road, Dongfeng South Road, about 11 kilometers away, about 20 minutes by car. Not because of the weekend, in addition to the repair of the elevated G107 junctions, there is no traffic jam. Open road bridge in the Jialu River Zheng can be seen as the lake water has been completed, the red stone and green lawn together, looks very on the grade, a feeling; the lake green also has completed more than half of the inside part of the road has been paved, workers are busy laying the remaining road be in full swing. Along the lake around a week, go to the "elephant" is also the location like lake north, directly overlook across the lake like Lake International building. But from the viewing distance and location, like the lake around the residential landscape ecological city is the best location. Landscape Ecological City Avenue, south of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng light rail in Zhengzhou, divided into South and north two Institute of Geology and mineral resources of Henan Province, is on the purchase, but the landscape ecological city district is obviously wasted an excellent viewing location, quality of construction and residential property management is not a waste, is probably a small town and village level. The trunk is planning a total investment of 1 billion 600 million yuan in Henan province science and Technology Museum New Museum has been Weidang site covered with green dustproof net. According to media reports, the new plan of Henan province science and Technology Museum during the year 2016 started in 2019 after the completion of the free opening. From the progress of the progress of the site to see the possibility of a large start during the year. Xiao Bian said: Zhengzhou is located in North China, rivers, lakes are particularly valuable, from the beginning of the new lake Zheng Dong wishful lake, Zhengzhou is apparently tasted the sweetness of artificial lake. Ruyi lake, Longhu, Dragon Lake, butterfly lake, like lake…… Zhengzhou spared no expense everywhere to dig the lake, objectively speaking, which is to enhance the appearance of the city of Zhengzhou, to build ecological water plays a significant role, both to enhance the value of the region, but also to let the people more leisure place, is a good thing. From the current construction schedule, like lake water ecological renovation project completed the planning level, point the day and await for it, fast construction speed, after the completion of the surrounding residents living is definitely a big plus. So, what are the benefits of the lake and the surrounding areas and the crowd it is clear that, like the eastern Lake, the west by the Central Plains Institute of culture and art, Zhengzhou Institute of industry and commerce, Henan financial.相关的主题文章: