When millions watch the decoration? The car configuration is simply insane – Sohu car [produced] a car no secret price series has come to seventh, first of all to thank you our attention to this article. In the previous period, we were about the price, price, price of car accident car parking, car prices, car prices price of sponsoring the Olympic Games, the price of the ticket price of the license plate. Not that millions, tens of millions or even billions of dollars, buddies call: values are to be subverted. This is the secret to price option and configuration of the car. For most consumers, the car may not be too many options may be, only manufacturers to provide high, medium and low let you choose. However, there are also many luxury brands began to launch personalized options, even customized, body color, paint, wheels and interior materials and interior configuration, a variety of high-end atmosphere on the grade, but if you are not ready to carry millions, will not want to. Here we take a look at, what can be called the car price configuration. Tim is Bentley’s first SUV models, the starting price is as high as 3 million 980 thousand yuan, the car styling domineering, luxurious interior grid full force. Car Buying when its customers in the optional Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon (Breitling) tourbillon clock. Mulliner Tourbillon clock used to watch the most complicated mechanism, with strong driving vehicle powered by regular automatic winding. The interior of the tim Mulliner Tourbillon clock with pure gold, rose gold and platinum two styles, inlaid with eight diamonds dial dial, optional mother of pearl or ebony black two colors, each year only a few pieces of production. Such a small value of about one million of the clock, is definitely one of the top price configuration. Today, more and more hot research and development of automotive lightweight, the company also attaches great importance to the super run. LaFerrari commonly known as hot law, Ferrari’s flagship super run, the world’s only 599 units, priced at $22 million 500 thousand. Surrounded by carbon fiber can significantly reduce the weight of the car, such a high price of about 2000000 of the carbon fiber is not unusual. The country had appeared together "hot" Asia’s first hit, it is reported that repair price less terrible 10 million, looking at the expensive and super limited run, was so embarrassed, many Ferrari fans said. Xiao Bian also just want to say: it is money capricious. Compared with LaFerrari, the Porsche 918 appearance although not like that. But overall, absolute strength can not be underestimated. The price is the same can not be underestimated, if you want to select silver and chrome blue liquid metal paint, so you’ll have to pay 830 thousand and 900 yuan only (prices). This price is reminiscent of the film "old gun" of the plot. If you have already spent 830 thousand and 900 choose installed liquid metal paint, in order to overall high force grid, so a collocation with magnesium wheels (2021 inch), it is optional相关的主题文章: