" old bacon show: " Tony Leung " Chen Jianbin " inter temporal " " – podium; Beijing in audience impression, variety reality show the protagonist funny love shuabao active idol is often serious, low-key acting is good and the strength of the actors seem to "variety" two words with no above. In fact, not a word "fly to London feed Dove" Tony Leung and domineering "emperor" Chen Jianbin will join the variety show "time" and "the first grade ferryman?" Tony Leung graduation season, will experience a different life, and Chen Jianbin return to campus on the three feet of the podium. Two Mesozoic bones show full of mystery will Xiwai "early adopters" variety, through the new perspective of reality shows they are not the same style. Mystery: Tony Leung’s first show to experience a different life since the advent of reality show, Tony Leung, not far from the variety show, the voice of the constant. Jiangsu satellite TV will launch the original emotional reality show "time" in the fourth quarter of the ferryman, captured the hearts of thousands of female fans of Tony Leung will give his first variety show on the show, and Wong Kar Wai as the show’s producer. The "time" the ferryman in the reality show scene in the original "time travel" mode, with the concept of "ferry group" to act as a go-between, select more different personality, age, interests, style of the first female artists ferry tanacu, they will be accompanied by "way of assists by ferry people to fulfill a wish in the program. It is possible to think of the years, the memory of youth, and the idea of "if I have another life" for everyone. Tony Leung will serve as the "ferry" of different life experience, across time and space. Wong Kar Wai Tony Leung is under the lens of melancholy men of God, Carina Lau’s Tony Leung is "shuaishouzhanggui", in the end outside the impression that this warm male literary depth, the reality is what it looks like, but also launch the program to be announced. Teacher: Chen Jianbin domineering very meaningful has flying award, Golden Eagle Award, the Golden Rooster Award, the Golden Horse Award in the bag Chen Jianbin, is worthy of the name of acting were the hearts of the audience. In the scene in the love that Chen Jianbin joined the Hunan satellite TV, "the first grade graduation season?" on the podium, to love acting, nonprofessional lecturer in play. For the first time to join a reality show Chen Jianbin said of mind, he thought he could tell about to embark on the entertainment of children, the real show is what, why and the performances and to the mentality of how to face the upcoming career, this is a matter of great significance. "Walk with the wind, a powerful gas field" is Chen Jianbin’s label, attend the students will accept Chen in the next three months "a dangerous situation". But all the people said, "this is a kind of happiness of performing baptism, because there will be a dramatic change." But there are also students secretly exchange said, "serious" is Chen Jianbin’s side, to get along for a long time, Chen Jianbin is actually a poker face, not only full of wit more gentle side. Early adopters: old bacon show entertainment without previous audience impression, variety show is fond of playing Bao Ning相关的主题文章: