Online shopping also wonderful open brain home "Master" black hole [Chu Home Furnishing] introduction we often say everything Taobao only think, not to buy, therefore, in order to save money and convenient, many online shopping buddy often, but not all online shopping is so smooth, some users is a drunk look when you receive something, today Xiaobian look at those who are unable to open the brain hole wide open online shopping case! Online shopping wonderful 1: Yangzhou water electrician online shopping materials, build a gun to eat lawsuit event playback: Gaoyou, a more than and 20 year old water electrician a number of times through the Internet to buy spare parts assembled firearms, sold to friends around. John is a plumber, on mechanical assembly work is interested. In mid January this year, he told the passers-by in accordance with the "channel", the first in the Taobao online purchase of the first gas volley of spare parts, then assembled according to instructions. Since mid January this year, he has 5 times from the Internet to buy Airsoft accessories. Small flower comments: what others think of you is a plumber, I see your arms dealers, but if the war Born Under A Bad Sign, you can accomplish great things! Online shopping online shopping: 2 wonderful million rosewood pen change a bag of rice event playback: Tianjin is a shop sellers to buyers in Nanjing express a rosewood pen, the value of 40 thousand yuan. But the buyer said he received rice, asked for a refund. I sent the rosewood pen, how will become rice? Tianjin sellers think things are strange, came to the Nanjing police for help. Nanjing police investigation found, the original is the courier to buyer and collusion, replaced by rice pen. Small flower comments: you stop thief, this scene played very well, not actors really pity ah! Online shopping online shopping fake brand wonderful 3: 90 motorcycle said I do not know this behavior is illegal event playback: 90 men online shopping a motorcycle and a driver’s license, vehicle license plate, driving license is a set of procedures, will use their own photos in the driver’s license, do not want to just two months on the road by the police seized. After the trial, the court to forged documents state organs crime court sentenced Chen to be sentenced to 4 months. Chen bluntly: I did not expect to break the law, sentenced too heavy……" Small flower comments: Oh God, the driver is killer on the road, motorcycle license plate license can even online shopping, since it seems to be careful on the road!相关的主题文章: