The world’s first "three parents" children born   technology experts warned controversial – Shanghai channel — original title: the world’s first "three parents" children born technology experts warned controversial comprehensive foreign media reports, one from New York medical team in Mexico with the revolutionary medical technology, success three parents’ genes together, the world’s first "has three biological parents" the baby was born. However, experts also warned that the technology is still controversial. In addition to carrying a parent’s DNA like everyone else, the baby boy carries a small portion of the genetic code from the donor. His mother is Jordan, mothers suffering from Leigh syndrome, make it difficult to produce a healthy baby, before she had 4 miscarriages, although once gave birth to 2 babies, but a long 6 years old died, a stool died only 8 months. The couple finally to the United States, the new hope of the Centre (New Hope Fertility New York) Chinese founder Zhang Jin (John Zhang) team for help. Zhang Jin uses the name of spindle (Spindle Nuclear Transfer) nuclear transplantation technique, first remove the Shaaban egg nucleus, then implant has been removing the egg nucleus of donor eggs, and insemination produced 5 embryos, of which only 1 success breeds, Shaaban finally implanted in vivo. 9 months after the successful birth of a baby boy. In addition to having a gene of two parents, the baby boy also has a donor’s mitochondrial DNA, making it the world’s first baby with a family of 3 parents. Some scientists believe that this is a revolutionary breakthrough in medicine, but some scientists say that the baby’s future healthy growth needs to be observed, because the donor mitochondrial DNA will produce any change is still unknown. Experts believe that the birth of the baby to the world’s millions of people suffering from rare genetic diseases to provide the gospel. Zhang Jin said that this breakthrough is a landmark, there are broad prospects for development in the future. Broadcasting British Corporation pointed out that artificial reproduction in 1990s had physician donated mitochondrial DNA into the female patient egg, then artificial insemination, but this was later banned, because the baby some genetic diseases, which may be the cause of children there are two sources of mitochondria. (Yan, Zhao Xuan far commissioning editor: strong)相关的主题文章: