Pingyang a man trapped in the flood police waded back old escape map for the police to help the old man out of danger. The day before yesterday at 6:30 in the evening, Wenzhou Pingyang County Public Security Bureau head town police station received the alarm, said in a hotel near the old water town Schwab were trapped in the flood, in critical condition. After the alarm, the better water police Zheng Zhengshuang and Su Yibo is not afraid of danger, immediately rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. Zheng Zhengshuang and Su Yibo soon found the old man trapped. The old man is weak on a bed, see the uniformed to Zheng Zhengshuang and Su Yibo, the old man immediately with the spirit, waving at them. When Zheng Zhengshuang and Su Yibo approached, careful two people found that the elderly have different degrees of injury to both feet, in the examination of the old man’s wound, confirmed no obstruction, the two immediately put on a life jacket for the elderly. Zheng Zhengshuang back the old Wade knee deep in the flood began to go in Su Yibo with, at this time the sky again began to downpour. Standing on the two floor of the masses to see the police carrying the old man in front of the water in the water, have applauded and took out a cell phone camera two.相关的主题文章: