Deputy director of Hanyang exit care "unable to play its role of drug girl father Wang Qunai tube" business "is often a tube in the end of Wang Qun’s circle of friends reporter Lin Huijie Gong Yuping correspondent Yang Bing Wang Qun as deputy director of the police station, returning to the community when he said a word," not one thing you can do, is a kind of pain." In recent days, the reporter with the footsteps of Wang Qun, walked into the construction of Hong Kong community, from many residents in the story, feel the extreme of the work of Wang Qun, but also feel the trust and gratitude of the residents. In the area of drug-related personnel management of a community police work is drug-related personnel register, key management, monthly meeting, urine test, each quarterly assessment of their performance. Wang Qun is far more than these, she is not only concerned about drug-related personnel, their family members also became the object of her mind. Wang Qun return to Hong Kong community to concentrate on community police to do more news, the 8 year old can not play, the child is one of the most happy, Grandma Wang came back! And I can always be with me!" Why can’t you play? The story from Wang Qun’s WeChat circle of friends. August 19th – WeChat record, # can not play # tonight visits to drug addicts, 84 year old man with me all the great granddaughter of "a" Student Handbook of tears, and wall testimonials. I was shocked to see that the 8 year old girl posted in the cupboard next to the table can not play the note. Yesterday, Wang Qun is saddened about "special experience can not play" children: father Liu is a drug addict, mother because of drug trafficking in prison, 84 year old grandmother raised her. Ryu home port construction used to live in the community, at the age of 16 he started taking drugs, abortion after he had to move to the light housing office. This year, Liu moved back to Hong Kong to build community housing. Is the community police duties grasp the trends of drug addicts, learned that Liu’s new residence, in August this year, Wang Qun for the first time home visits. Is this a "home visits, can not play the note touched the heart of Wang Qun, also took her to the community indissoluble bound" housekeeper "with their children. "She is very good, too hard to learn, so that children must be managed, or pity!" Wang Qun and the children agreed to take her to a bookstore, library every month. Since then, Wang Qun’s circle of friends in WeChat, can not play the child’s dynamic update. – WeChat record in August 23rd, by the king (Wang Qun’s daughter) to put her lamp to "not playing" small friends, light industry road. September 11th, to "not playing" little friend # agreed # morning, not the door to hear the cry, the old man said: "go to Grandma Wang today should wear clean, wear white skirt, the children said:" Grandma Wang said last time I don’t wear a white skirt". "Fortunately, Grandma Wang rushed to explain:" grandma is old, still use hand rubbing clothes to your little white dress is rare, afraid grandma wash after he can wear, wear dirty let Grandma Wang take home to wash, finally didn’t stop the crying. The old man said, "every time.相关的主题文章: