Prostitution idol was Lee Hom? Net exposure the female Lee Hom Lee Hom and his wife Li Lianglei, Sina entertainment news September 14th yesterday, the media broke the news that a man is "Super Idol" graphic broke the prostitutes. Broke the News cited users have speculated that the high quality idol who is it? Today, a broadcast broke the news that Lee Hom had prostitutes in his apartment, and Taiwan media to take him and the young model from the apartment with the elevator downstairs to the parking lot, two people suspected of having an affair dating photos. Many netizens said: "is this quality idol is Lee Hom?" It is reported that in November 15, 2012, Taiwan media filmed a Korean "Miss" hot wearing fishnet stockings, "visiting" Eastern District of Taipei City, a residential building, and the "Super Idol" lived in the building. After leaving the net sister residential building and immediately jumped into another man’s car to the motel…… After the interview with the media net sister, also out of the direct sun "Idol" photos to her. Sister nets not only help "Super Idol" to deny the scandal, but also a large explosion he is a "tall guy", that "had told him in a room"! For the broke the news, then Lee Hom brokerage company with force independent news, I do not comment reply. Today, in addition to a direct broadcast broke the news that Lee Hom had hired prostitutes in his apartment, Taiwan media have taken photos, but also in the live connection of an insider. The insider said: Lee Hom will take the girls home in the evening, and before the rumors of homosexuality, are outside speculation, in order to cover up their private life." To make a lot of friends broke the news first came to the scene, although as people eat melon, but there are users on the net the question that "sister broke Idol" not Lee Hom: "Lee Hom is known as the 180cm, the actual 175cm, this is tall guy?" (new entertainment)相关的主题文章: