"Red Army" galloping horse ten to send 11 drama won the new network new network in October 14, the eleventh Golden Eagle Award – Chinese Golden Eagle Festival from the beginning of October 14th, the finale of the drama — the most attention is the Golden Eagle Festival Closing Ceremony and awards. This year will be awarded the scene including the Eagle Award for outstanding drama, best screenplay, best director and audience favorite actor and actress in two, and the Golden Eagle Festival of the most popular actor actor and actress, a best performing arts award 1. The day before, the twenty-eighth China TV Golden Eagle Award results released, "ten red", "send" and "Ma Xiangyang to the turning point in the history of Deng Xiaoping", "Peking no war", "ordinary world", "Mi month biography" and 11 TV series won the best TV drama. With the opening of the new idol galloping horse and the main melody is Guangxi TV hit "send" ten red army is on the rise, this has always been among the best audience of 113 hit TV series of the vote in. The play consists of ten separate but related stories, about the number of ordinary soldiers of the Red Army Long March journey in CCTV prime time broadcast when the first round with a unique artistic charm, with the power of faith transfer from revolutionary youth positive energy, favored by the younger generation, but also get a insiders praise. This year marks the eighty anniversary of the victory of the Long March, the blockbuster gift received great attention and a good reputation. In order to build the "ten to send the Red Army", the production side of the pony Pentium start screenwriter Li Xiuwen, director of the golden combination of the combination of powerful, to ensure that the drama of the high standard, high quality, and high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality and high quality. At the same time, the play very touching story, the unique narrative structure, characters attracted strike a deep chord, Liu Wei, Tong Dawei, Wang Lei, Pu Bajia, Li Xiaomeng, Wan Qian, Luo Jin and other powerful actors, this is also the main theme of the drama field opened so luxurious lineup of stars. This combination of idol narration and the main melody, is a galloping horse for creativity to create a new era of red classics breakthrough. It can be said that this year on the TV screen you Changba me play youth Spy Drama, ten to send the Red Army red figure shaping technique can be traced back to the shooting in 2013 ". The play reflects the Chupin pony Pentium One principle runs through it all. pursuit of quality, realistic environment, the real war scenes and rich characters, the film quality of the texture, panoramic lens impact and ideographic function are called just perfect with moderate pace, and complement each other, get a high evaluation of industry science community: "eventually restore the true 80 years ago that twenty-five thousand shocked the long march in the face of the history, but also to play better to achieve the unity of historical reality and art reality." Galloping horse chairman Li Li said the company was founded 22 years produced all kinds of works, whether it is in play or modern drama, common point of these works is "with fine dissemination of positive energy". We hope that through the lens to restore this magnificent historical picture, I hope that through the Long March, the propaganda team, the spread should not be forgotten history of fire.相关的主题文章: