Cultural relics painting undercurrent of latent   was donated; — Jiangxi channel — original title: cultural relics and heavy donations were lurking undercurrent of heavy thing in September 7th "art review", "the special report of all the descendants of Pang Laichen and the Museum of Nanjing dispute case investigation", reading people feeling a lot. This is the transition of the society, an example of cultural transfer of calligraphy and painting. As the Qing Dynasty after the founding of the North South painting Du, history repeats itself continuously. A similar dispute surfaced, although not much, but the public fight underwater currents lurk, far from Mandarin can change constantly like cloud and wave, concise and to the point that. This year, the "Wenhui" and "Shanghai Science Review", has been the author and his son Zhou Yiliang Memorial week uncle?. Especially Wang Guizhen "hidden room Yangcheng week uncle? The letter" published by Yi Liang Chou yuan, ("Shanghai review" May 22, 2016) disclosure May 19, 1952, week day letter very eye-catching uncle?. On May 13th, Tangshan participated in the new factory "three evils" denounced the meeting back, "then I became a man away from the ghost……. I now decided all the books (books and foreign language books, the government intends to donate), Beijing also specified." ("Beijing map" phrase seems to have missed two words) comments on this letter below second, especially can not be ignored, "Weng diary June 29, 1952:" Zheng Xidi? (Zheng Zhenduo) to donate books. Zhao Feiyun (case Zhao Wanli) thought it was an accident August 31st: Zhang Congyu, Zhao Wanli, and Gao Xiceng come to the library" This note provides an important detail. Obviously, this week uncle? To donate books, Zheng Zhenduo personally to Tianjin, thus to implement and accelerate the week’s donation. In this regard, Tianjin governor Huang Jingpa don’t say something, even the manager Zhao Wanli also surprised, did not think things come so soon. "Important books 715, 2672 copies. Zhang Heng, Zhao Wanli (back)." Here, Zheng Zhenduo is an upright black Bao, Zhang Congyu and Zhao Wanli is the Mahan dynasty. As early as in 1950, Zheng Zhenduo in the "year of cultural relics work," the summary said: "since liberation, the people of the private collection of books, cultural relics donated to the people’s government more and more every day." "In this year, donations of important cultural relics, Guo Liu Su had donated the Jizi white plate, Zhu Guicui donated giyang Wang family cultural relics, the donation can bear?? Zhang Zihou, Han Shiyang donation, Zhang Boju donated the letters, Dong Qichang picture, Zhao Shiluo donated water conservancy information, write a song Hong norimasa Stephen Fu Zhongmo donated, and other comprehensive literature collection of various editions in the Ming Dynasty, Song Yuan Ming, and notes Changshu Qu brothers donated, Weng Zhixi donated the song and the Ming and Qing Dynasties edition copy school-based books, these are just a few examples." (Zheng Erkang, "Zheng Zhenduo art archaeology collection". Heritage Press, September 1988 edition) on 1953, Zheng Zhenduo and the director of the identity of the national cultural relics in Shanghai, gave a letter to Xu Senyu, named Laichen Pang collection Qiu Ying’s "Jiangnan Spring", indicating "not said". Huang Chang) since that year,相关的主题文章: