Shiyan’s huge gambling debt owed to force the father to sell half of borrowing about 300000 Yuan Qin Chu network news (Shiyan Evening News) reporter Ho Lee, Yang Hao correspondent reports: Danjiangkou man Zhang because of contracted gambling habit, around half the time borrowing about 300000 yuan to repay gambling debts, he was the father of real threat of violence for its debt. In September 20th, Danjiangkou City Office of the dam more than and 70 year old old man were found in Road police station police on duty to wave, The old man wept bitterly. said: "save me, my son was mad." Upon inquiry, the old man said: "my son owed huge gambling debts, these days do not stop to send me sms threat, I called for him to sell debt." Originally, the 38 year old Zhang was spoiled by parents to care, grown up, no industry Zhang all day wandering around and made a group of young people in society, money wasteful, also addicted to gambling habit. In June 20th this year, Zhang suddenly many did not return home to find the old man for money, said outside the gambling debts owed 70 thousand yuan. The face of the son repeatedly forced to the old man, a soft heart, took out years of savings to help his son to return this debt. Calm days before long, Zhang once again to find his father for money. The old man did not promise. In order to avoid his son unreasonable entanglement, he simply moved to his daughter’s house. Zhang is by phone, text message bullying father, immediately asked his father to help him sell the house, also 300 thousand yuan gambling debts, otherwise it will retaliate family. September 22nd, Shen Bo Zhang man suddenly received a telephone, said Zhang returned home early in the morning, carry off all that one has found no money. Holding a 70 cm long machete in the area of four with the search for family members. Zhang was taken back to the police station after the police, actually said: I’m looking for my dad to spend money, this is our family’s matter, what are you off?" Currently, Zhang has been Danjiangkou City Public Security Bureau administrative detention according to law.相关的主题文章: