Hunan Anhua: precise poverty introduced new financial format   to promote economic transformation and upgrading of Hunan channel, October 14 Anhua Xinhua (Wan Lijun) this morning, reporters from the Founder Securities and Anhua County People’s Government on poverty alleviation precise strategic cooperation signing ceremony was informed, Anhua will introduce new financial industry to speed up the precise poverty, and more channels provide financial service system of omni-directional and multi-level, play professional ability and advantage of resource integration, help Anhua comprehensive financial services, enhance the local self development ability. It is understood that in recent years, Anhua county government is based on the natural resources and the development of the foundation, is committed to creating the world’s black tea, the most beautiful Chinese Township, Hunan new energy and traditional Chinese medicine health highland. With the sustained and healthy development of the economy and society, financial security has been continuously strengthened, poverty alleviation has been accelerated, and the improvement of transportation and urban infrastructure has provided a solid support for the new round of development of the county. Anhua County People’s Government on behalf of the county Xiao Yi, the Founder Securities signed a strategic cooperation agreement to precise poverty, is to play the founder securities professional ability and resource integration, promote the financial industry and poverty alleviation precise integration, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode. It is understood that Founder Securities from the industry, education, consumption and other six aspects of strategic cooperation with Anhua. In addition to providing financial advisor for the Anhua local enterprises and the characteristics of industrial development services, will also help local enterprises to strengthen financial guidance and training, and the use of special policies, financing services for local qualified enterprises through the stock market, money market and bond market. At the same time, according to the Anhua enterprise and the poverty alleviation work demand, the two sides will jointly develop capital market knowledge, financial securities, futures and other training training work, familiar with the capital market as the backbone of the business of county government, explore the new mode of poverty alleviation, accelerate economic transformation and upgrading. Share to: (Lu Chen Qinxing, commissioning editor: Zeng)相关的主题文章: