During the period of eleven   the data of Henan province tourism new high — Henan branch network — people.com.cn original title: don’t be afraid to go out to play tourist police coming tourist police handsome appearance of Yuntai Mountain scenic area for Yuntai Mountain scenic Yourenruzhi     Yuntai Mountain scenic area for figure eleven golden week has been successfully concluded, according to the tourism department the data of eleven, during the golden week, Henan province tourist number and tourism income and other indicators of success. Henan Daily reporter interviewed by many departments, tourism scenic learned during the holidays, excursions, family tours, ecological tours, travel experience rapid growth, the heat reception area increased rapidly, the various attractions bursting with popularity, there were full parking lot, which accounted for a larger proportion of self drive tourists. [a] Zen Shaolin scenic night two Zhengzhou residents said Mr. Du, eleven when he took my family to chongdugou, the first feeling is that many people, "re crossing the ditch scenic tourist service center, ticket visitors lined up more than and 10 meters long, in addition, the road leading to the various attractions in the gate area. The tour bus after a car stop shuttle tourists. Even so, there are still a lot of people can not sit. Scenic snack street, farmhouse Ledu packed with tourists queuing." Re crossing ditch a farmhouse boss told reporters, from September 30th to October 4th, every day busy to 12:00 in the evening, the guest room is also booked early tourists. In the experience of many people, re crossing the ditch is clearly not alone. Henan Chinese commercial news reporters learned from the Songshan scenic spot, golden week 7 days, a total of Songshan scenic reception of Chinese and foreign tourists 280 thousand passengers, including Shaolin scenic tourist reception of 245 thousand passengers, an increase of 11% last year. The prosperous "Zen Shaolin music ceremony?", because the number of people watching the performance of many, two performances held in October 3rd. The show starts at 8:00 pm and lasts until 10:55 pm. In fact, the Chinese commercial news reporters learned from a number of scenic spots, scenic tourist reception volume is generally high, scenic ticket office, tour bus waiting for visitors are queuing phenomenon. Luoyang Tourism Development Commission official told reporters, during eleven, Luoyang received a total of tourists and tourists at home and abroad, 6 million 800 thousand, an increase of 8.68%. Total tourism revenue 4 billion 271 million yuan, an increase of 15.25%. The total number of tourists during the golden week Pingdingshan 3 million 983 thousand passengers, an increase of 14.3%, total tourism revenue of $1 billion 410 million, an increase of 17.5%. The National Day holiday has ended, from all over the country’s "highway traffic jam" area bursting "phenomenon will be able to understand that this year will be the eleven golden week income of our province to a higher level. Short distance travel has become the main tourist attractions in recent years, with the increasing number of private cars, self driving tour instead of team travel, becoming the main source of major scenic spots. During the golden week, in the choice of tourist routes, leisure travel, experience tour has become a bright spot in the tourism market, the family相关的主题文章: