A "leg" in the trash can frighten the passers-by to alarm the model. (police for map) in September 13th 11 at night, Chongqing sand 110 fast at the team of police patrol in a district near the sandy area of Phoenix Road, heard a woman shouting near the police to see the situation, a woman ran to the police car alarm covered with confusion, said she saw the dead "". The police quickly asked about the situation, Ms. Wang told her after the next night still suffering from the shock, and went to a green belt, green belt saw the trash out of a "leg", scared her to death. Under the leadership of Ms. Wang, came to the side of the garbage bin. Police saw the green belt of the street lamp is damaged, the light is dim, in the green belt of the trash can, indeed as expected to see a "human leg" from the barrel of the trash bin, a hand exposed in the trash can. The police open the flashlight, the dumbfounding: the so-called human leg, just a white plastic model. At this time, Ms. Wang alarm was relieved: "who is so wicked, scared me, now my heart is pounding, head over the blank." Police analysis, should be a nearby clothing store will not throw the model in the trash can, because the light is dim, so that pedestrians have misunderstanding alarm. Police then moved to the plastic model near the trash box. Police remind the clothing shop owner, abandoned the dummy model, should not throw, so as to avoid misunderstanding. (Chongqing times)相关的主题文章: