Austin: A Sparkle Of Liberalism In The Star Of Texas Posted By: Crystal Kilpatrick Located in the heart of conservative Texas sits a veritable jewel of eclectic liberal thought, the state capital, Austin. A fabulous oasis for those free thinkers looking to relocate, go to school, or even just visit, Austin Texas is weird and proud of it! Austin is an interesting city for a good many reasons. It was the 17th most literate city in the US for 2008 and was deemed America’s #1 college town with a total of ten public universities and colleges including the University of Texas at Austin which is one of the largest public universities in the US. The city of Austin is an active Democratic area as well as for the Libertarian Party though they remain in third place. The city bucks the trends of the state of Texas by having no city ordinance against women going topless in public, being the only county in Texas to vote against the Constitutional Amendment to outlaw gay marriage, and containing the only clothing-optional park in the state. The culture in Austin is a multifarious mix of culture including theatre productions, opera, and ballet as well as the Austin City Limits music festival. Local festivals also include the O.austin texas texas real estate investments austin home buying real estate investments austin texas Learning To Profit From Texas Real Estate Investments Posted By: Tim Dillard They make it look so easy on television, don’t they? All you have to do is buy a house, throw some paint on it, and then sell it for twice what you paid for it. If you’re really good then you can sell it before the first payment is due. Television and get rich investment schemes are never going to give the public the entire picture. Learning to profit from Texas real estate investments is completely possible, but the learning curve won’t happen by the time you reach the bottom of the paint can and the profits aren’t always guaranteed. Texas real estate investments are all over the place, and some are good deals while others are not so good deals. Learning to discern between the two is the first step in making a profit. Learning what type of investment property you want to get into is the second step. Flipping houses is not the only market in Texas real estate investments. The concept has been highly publicized and thus many people focus on this option, but real estate investing encompasses more than just house flipping.texas real estate investments texas real estate investments Texas Real Estate Why Invest There In 2007 Posted By: Joel Teo Texas is a state located in the southwestern United States. It is the second-largest state in both area and population, behind Alaska and California, respectively. Texas is renowned for its oil reserve, energy and aeronautics industry, which have contributed a lot to its growth. Texas real estate is also on an upward trend in several cities. This has much to do with Texas’ relatively low cost of housing, its location in the center of the country, low taxation, favorable climate, and abundant supplies of oil and natural gas. Property investors should look for Texas real estate investments in the year 2007, since the state, owing to its booming economy, is experiencing an influx of immigrants from other states. Real estate prices in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio (a few major cities in Texas), while generally rising, are still affordable. An average family home in Dallas costs around $260000, while one in Austin would cost around $200000. A similar property in San Antonio would be priced at $220000, while one in Houston would be easy on your pocket, costing around $150000. It is observed that Texas real estate appreciates at the rate of 5 percent per year. 相关的主题文章: