UnCategorized San Diego Sea World jobs are plentiful and varied, and although the competition for any type of zoological job is typically very stiff, the good news is that with the right education, knowledge, and experience, you can gain an advantage over the less prepared job seeker. Gathering as much information as possible before the interview will allow you to have the ability to make the best employment decision possible. A passion for animals and a commitment to providing humane treatment and care for them is required, and zoological park personnel are expected to be responsible, hardworking, and able to work well in a constantly changing, dynamic environment. Large marine animals have complex needs, and extensive knowledge of these needs, and how they vary by animal and by species. There are many different types of jobs available, from animal training, mammals, aquarium, aviculture, veterinary care, education, research, animal support, and other zoological niches. Due to the field like nature of these positions, previous related volunteer work, lab work, and extensive education and course work are all necessary. Courses in zoology, behavioral and experimental animal psychology, animal behavior, public speaking, communications, education, and theatre, are recommended, and good health and physical fitness are essential as well. Some of the San Diego Sea World job opportunities, due to their highly specialized nature, require more intensive training, degrees and experience. The aviculture department, for example, is responsible for the health, cleanliness, feeding, and general health of many different types of birds, including ostriches, hummingbirds, macaws, and more. For these types of job paths, a bachelors degree in biological sciences and the initial training includes ten years of experience, seven at the managerial level. In the animal support department, job seekers can expect to find openings in the horticultural, water quality, and design and engineering fields. Sea World has many beautiful and exotic plants, and requires a large volume of clean, properly maintained water for its operations. In addition, the task of finding the way to optimally house and showcase large marine animals requires a qualified, skilled team of architects and designers. Regardless of how labor and training intensive these jobs may seem to be, those with a love of animals, a passion for learning more about them, and their desire to share this knowledge and love with the public, will ultimately find that a San Diego Sea World job will be the most fulfilling one that they have ever experienced. Having a love for the animals would certainly be necessary for this type of position since the interaction with animals is so close. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: