Legal There have been many jokes written about slip and fall accidents, but when it happens to you, you quickly realize that it’s no laughing matter. Serious injuries can occur that cam alter the quality of your life if you don’t immediately get the right medical attentionand sometimes even if you do. That’s why South Florida personal injury attorneys are so important. They act as a watchdog for the injured, to make sure that their rights are protected and that if compensation is required for medical bills or to maintain their quality of life, they get it. If you have an accident on someone else’s property due to their neglect, an accident lawyer should one of the first people you talk to. In fact, here’s some great advice from a Pompano Beach slip and fall lawyer in case you find yourself in this position. Step One: The first thing you should do if you fall and hurt yourself on someone else’s property is to call 911, and alert them that you need medical attention. Don’t rely on the management of the premises to do it for you, but instead call them yourself. It’s important that you do this at the time of falldon’t wait. Step Two: Don’t get into a conversation with the manager of the premises or anyone else there about what happened. They will be aware that you may have a claim against them, and some will try and get you to admit that the fall was your fault. The truth is, everyone who owns property must make sure that it’s safe for those who visit it, and if loose floorboards, liquid on the floor or any other thing caused you to fall, you’re not at fault. Only give them your identifying information, and keep the rest to yourself for now. Step Three: Most places will write up an incident report that detail the specifics of the fall. You’ll need to ask the manager or someone else on duty for a copy of that report. Step Four: It’s likely that when you fell, you weren’t alone. Your Pampano Beach slip and fall lawyer will want you to gather all of the names and contact information for any witnesses to the fall. In addition, if you have access to a cameraeven a cell phone cameratake photographs of the area where you fell. Step Five: Now it’s time to call to call an accident lawyer who will take it from there. Be sure to call one who works on a contingency basismeaning that they only get paid if you win your suit or settle out of court. Slip and fall cases can be serious, and require you to take certain actions immediately after the incident. Be sure and contact South Florida personal injury attorneys to find out what the next steps are. After all, if you’re hurt because of someone else’s negligence, there’s no reason that it should negatively affect your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: