Legal The chances of winning if you hire SSI lawyers to represent your Social Security Disability claim is a question which attracts various and diverse answers from people. Some might advice you against it, and others might contribute to your apprehensions. For some, hiring a lawyer would mean only emphasizing the fact that they are disabled. This however is a theory that has to be put to rest. Social Security Regulations define ‘disability’ in a very different manner from the way it is generally perceived. Other apprehensions include the cost and outlay of hiring a lawyer. But it is undeniable that hiring SSI lawyers is a far more productive way of winning your disability case. Here is why: SSI lawyers know the filing process much better than someone trying to file on their own. If you try to do it on your own, it could be your downfall. Walking into a totally unfamiliar arena and talking about things you are not even sure about is definitely not going to get you your claim. All the words that you utter are going to be accounted for, and might be interpreted in a different manner, so let an expert deal with the law, before it is too late. How do SSI lawyers do it better? The preparations of claiming disability benefits begin with obtaining a copy of the claimant’s Social Security File, medical records, and supporting statements by the claimant’s therapist. Unrepresented claimants are always capable of doing all this alone, but the fact remains that the hierarchy could remain oblivious to the claimant, as opposed to a lawyer who knows the process. Moreover, medical records and other statements are not made at the request of the claimants. The claimant might find it difficult to obtain them, and sending them over to the right offices, failure of which can result in you losing the case before even the hearing. Claiming your case with limited understanding of its potential will only mean whiling away the time of the Administrative Judge. Attorneys are good at reviewing your medical records to find valid points that can be used to help you win your case. representatives are best suited for going over your records. More legal intricacies follow, so it is always better to be represented by an SSI lawyer. What more, your SSI lawyer will be able to sort out the best benefit out of the different kinds of Social Security Disability benefit that you can claim. Applying and qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance is also accelerated with the help of an SSI Lawyer. If your case was denied permission initially, seeking the advice of a Social Security lawyer is the only option that is going to get you there. Not having an attorney with you gives you less credibility in the judge’s point of view. The advantages just don’t end there. You have a better chance of getting the date you want if you use a lawyer to show the judge why it would benefit you to secure a certain date. One thing you can be sure of, is that a lawyer will do everything to win the case for you. They are only paid a percentage of your claim if they win! Copyright (c) 2010 Catalyst R.O.I. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: