Insurance Technology has played such a key role in our lives from the Industrial Revolution to the Information Age and the internet today. If you think about it, man discovering how to use and control fire quickly moved us up to dominate the food chain through the centuries. Just about anything can be done from a computer these days. We communicate, read the news, sell products and services, pay bills, buy almost any thing, teach courses or take classes. You name it, you can practically get everything done on the internet, including applying and receiving term insurance with no exam required. When you think about how long it used to take 10 to 20 years ago, technology has changed our lives and how we approach life insurance. When it comes to shopping, savvy shoppers get the most for their money and many savvy shoppers shop online for the best term life insurance rates and coverage. It is easy to compile a spreadsheet of various life insurance brokers and companies to make a comparison of rates to get the biggest bang for the buck. Is term life insurance for you? If your goals are mostly short-term and you’re not interested in saving for the long run, term life insurance is probably for you. Term life insurance offers the most coverage for the least amount of money. For example, you may sign up for a term life insurance plan that is set to pay after 5, 10 or 20 years without a substantial increase in premium payments. But there is no equity to borrow against so you need to take this into consideration. One of the least costly life insurance policies is the yearly renewable term policy. It is wise to monitor this policy because while it starts out with low cost premiums, it can become more expensive as it builds over time. Consider this kind of policy for a fairly short-term need for life insurance coverage. This is only one option to investigate and now that the internet is available 24/7, information is literally at your fingertips. Shop in your PJs and when you find a group of companies or brokers draw comparisons, make your choices by filling out online forms to receive quotes. Then you can speak with an agent to discuss all your insurance needs, even get term insurance no exam necessary. Be a savvy shopper and surf the internet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: