Golf When you are in the process of planning a golf tournament it is important to decide the type of awards that you are going to give out. You have various choices, including trophies, plaques, glassware, and many more. Crystal golf plaques are an ideal solution because they will fit on any flat surface such as a desk, bookshelf, or mantel and can be adapted in almost anyones household. Additionally, plaques are professional in demeanor and set the mood when placed in the right position. Among the different types of crystal golf plaques, there are fanfare, performer, challenger, medallion, presentation, and hole styles. The fanfare design is artistic and creative in nature, depicting a crystal golf ball sitting in a hole near the top of the plaque. The advantage of this style is that there is ample room for text, logos, and pictures. The fanfare design is vertical and measures roughly 9 inches high. The performer golf plaque is similar in structure to the fanfare design but lacks a hole in the middle. The top is slanted, depicting a ball in flight to a hole. The performer crystal golf plaques are as artistic as they come and measures 9.5 inches high. The Challenger are crystal golf plaques that will grab the attention of everyone. It is similar in design to the fanfare and performer, but offers a different approach. The challenger features a triangular artistic creation with a crystal golf ball on top, certainly displaying the creativity of the players. The challenger measures approximately 9 inches high. The Medallion crystal golf plaques are a traditional style award that will stand out and blend into any room with ease. A textured crystal ball is embedded into the top center of the plaque, allowing for a logo and text to appear towards the bottom. It is square in shape, and measures 5.5×4 (small) and up to 7.5×5 (large). The textured crystal golf ball stands out and shouts, Congratulations! The golf presentation plaque is similar, however; it is simplified compared to other crystal golf plaques. A golf ball is in the center with hand crafted glass surrounding it, leaving room for a logo or text around the balls parameter. It comes with a stand, and it can be wall mounted. Just imagine the thrill of awarding a beautiful crystal golf plaque to the winner of your golf tournament knowing that it will be a coveted item that they will cherish and display proudly for many years. There is nothing better than re-living the delight of winning a sporting event and a conspicuously displayed trophy or plaque can remind someone of their glory days for a long time and will be the topic of conversations often over a beverage or two. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: