Web-Design Would you like to turn your obsession with Construct-O-Set into cold hard cash? You just might be able to do that! For a limited time, the developers of one of the most innovative new iPhone applications are soliciting freelancers to design new app themes! If your design is chosen, you’ll be eligible to win terrific prizes and earn royalties on the sale of your design! Want to hear more? Read on! The current edition of Construct-O-Set is very simple, and aimed primarily at small children. But the possibilities are endless. The idea of turning abstract shapes into recognizable objects appeals not only to very young children but to sophisticated puzzlers as well. Construct-O-Set would like to target preschoolers right through adults with increasingly complex and elegant designs. But because the people behind the development of Construct-O-Set are programmers, not graphic designers, their artistic abilities are limited. This is where you come in. When you purchased your present Construct-O-Set game, it came with five different sets to complete – Boat, Car, House, Rocket, and Train. The developers would like to expand beyond these to include iPhone applications in several other themes, such as Wild Animals, Domestic Animals, Vchicles, Buildings, and the Sea. Each of these would be composed of four or five different designs to complete. You as the artist would determine the shapes to be used to complete your design, and upload the template picture, the component shapes and an audio file to Construct-O-Set, following the submission guidelines provided online. The competition has already begun, and the submission period concludes on September 30, 2010. After this, the designs will be posted online, and the public will be given the opportunity to vote on them during the month of October, 2010. In November, the winning entries will be announced, and winners will enter into a contractual agreement with Construct-O-Set, enabling them to receive royalties on all sales that include their design. The top vote-getter will also receive a Wacom Bamboo Fun graphics tablet! So don’t delay – grab the chance to become part of one of the most exciting iPhone applications on the market today! Construct-O-Set works with iPads too, thus doubling your potential for market exposure. Check out Construct-O-Set’s contest instructions below and win the chance to be Construct-O-Set’s next hotshot designer! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: