Software PHP is a widely used server-side scripting language predominantly used for developing dynamic Web pages. As it is a general purpose language and can be easily embedded into HTML source documents it has become the favourite language for web developers. A number of advantages are there when you choose PHP for developing web pages as the language provides maximum efficiency. The pre-built functions make you job really easy. It has made the coding very easy as one can do it within minutes, no matter how complex the tasks are! There are many pluses of PHP development which include greater security. Well, security is something every webmaster look forward to have. The PHP framework has greater security features makes this language all the more desirable in the web developing world. PHP community is so keen on addressing any holes in the security functionality. This alertness from the PHP framework community side has become more acceptable and those who choose this language as their primary tool will get greater benefit of it. The language offers a robust support for object-oriented programming which naturally allows a web programmer to have number of benefits. A PHP developer has many reasons to smile as the language is so very flexible as well as cost effective due to its open-source existence and if you are beginner, you have real solid support to learn the language easily. The PHP community is every ready to help out new PHP developers with any answer for any complex queries. Well, another major plus of this programming language is that this is compatible with all most operating systems and databases. Also you can find out many libraries and frameworks such as CodeIgniter and CakePHP etc for this language. As the web development filed is becoming more and more significant, a web developer or a programmer has many opportunities to utilize his or her potential because in today"s world internet and computer has the most inevitable utilities for human beings. Therefore, mastering in this programming language would only add to your career. Interestingly, there are many web development companies India offer good opportunities to developers and they are looking forward to hire PHP developers exclusively. Thus, it is important for a PHP developer to know about its limitations too. If you are really indulging with this language, it is always good to know about its cons too which will certainly let you to have deeper understanding and thereby avert follies. Though it is a user friendly language, a programmer require to have certain amount of experience while indulge in a complex project based on this language. Also, not everything is so handy to you. Plus, you cannot think that this is the only thing enough for you. You may require to have other languages skill as well to become a really successful web developer who works for a profitable web development company. Also there is a complaint that this language is slower than other compiled languages. Also it is apt for you to understand that regardless any language, web development has a greater risk of security lapses. Hence, pondering over these loopholes and trying to overcome these shortcomings would certainly help any PHP programmer to become a successful web developer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: