Home-Securtiy With many students preparing to return to school, an increasing number of parents are beginning to worry about their childrens safety while they are away from home. This is especially true for parents of children who will be taking the bus to and from school or walking. Regardless of your childs specific school-day arrangements, there are some helpful tips that you can relay to your children as a way of giving them the knowledge they need to stay safe both in and out of school. For Children Who Walk to School If your child walks to school, regardless of the distance, this can be very stressful for you. Be sure that your child knows very well the exact route that he or she should be taking to and from school each day. When it comes to planning this route, opt for roads that are in plain sight of other pedestrians and even drivers. Avoid desolate roads and, if at all possible, plan your childs walk to and from school so that he or she has other friends to walk with. After all, there is increased safety in numbers. Busing to School While having your child take the bus to school is a good way to keep him or her from walking along the roadway, there are still some safety precautions your child should be aware of. For starters, make sure that your child knows how to get to the bus stop and that he or she also knows never to talk to strangers at the bus stop or anywhere else. Also, teach your child never to kneel or bend down in front of a school bus to tie a shoe or do anything else that could put him or her out of the drivers view. Teach your child your home address, so he or she knows when to get off the bus on the way home. Other General Safety Advice In general, your children should also know never to accept a ride from a stranger, even if he or she claims to be a friend or family member. Also, make sure your children know to go straight to school and come straight home each day unless you give them permission otherwise. This way, you can ensure safety and peace of mind each day. Consider a Home Security System Regardless of how your child will be getting to and from school, one thing a lot of parents are doing these days is installing a security system in the home. This is especially common for parents who work late and are not necessarily home when the child gets back from school. By having a CCTV system installed, parents can actually see in real time when their children return home from school, which gives them the peace of mind that they need. For those interested in home security in Surrey, it is a good idea to start with Burglar Stop Security Systems. This particular company offers not only CCTV system installation, but also traditional options for security in Surrey. This is a great option for parents who worry about their children when they are at home alone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: