Business Having your own business can mean security and financial freedom. But achieving these goals may mean going through trials and errors that might potentially put your company in the red. The key to preventing unfavourable results for your commercial venture is to be armed with a set of knowledge designed to help you grow your business. Some business owners have done that by getting their business degree while other entrepreneurs obtain their knowledge and skills through business coaching. In business coaching, trust the more recognised names. Those who have finished a degree in Commerce with dual majors in financial accounting and commercial law and have been coaching countless businesses in a variety of industries for a long time. Those whose knack for guiding business owners to profitable results were pretty evident when their first client improved sales in the first couple of months. And whose initial success led to 48 referrals and to this day, continue to propel "mum and pop" businesses into lucrative companies. DG Air Freight, a logistics company that transports, exports, stores, and disposes of dangerous goods, recently demonstrated the business coaching effect. DG Air Freight was essentially in a good place as a commercial enterprise and money was pouring in. The trouble was that the company was not entirely sure about its future direction. The company did, however, want to reach $25,000 in monthly profits and to expand the business to the different states. When the owner approached them about determining the company’s capacity for expansion to other states, such veteran business coaches pointed out the company needed to further reflect on its direction. After a thorough look at the business, they revealed that DG Air Freight didn’t actually need to be in certain states to achieve expansion and that establishing a so-called inter-state footprint merely requires marketing cost. This meant showing their business’s financials, which the owner knew wasn’t exactly clear because they had been repeatedly making mistakes in their accounting system and not taking the time to correct them. Business coaches share that any business that could not depend on its accounts was not in any shape to make any sound decisions. So they set about fixing DG Air Freight’s financials. They presented the company with several types of expansion plans. They enabled the company to come up with a marketing strategy. By giving the business what they refer to as "visibility and control," it avoided a risky expansion. Today, DG Air Freight has reported exceeding the $25,000 profit target and over a 10-month period achieved $158,000 monthly profits. The company has also been able to enter different markets and is now looking at going worldwide. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: