Legal Unfortunately, we all tend to experience at least once car accident in our lifetime. Each year, thousands of people get into car accidents in Arlington but, believe it or not, most people do not know how to react, prepare, and protect themselves after a car accident. The very first thing to do after a car accident in Arlington is to remain calm. It may seem difficult to do at first with your nerves and emotions going crazy. However, remaining calm will help you intelligently and safely get through the car accident process. In order to remain calm, simply take a deep breath after the collision and gather your thoughts. Many people get so nervous after a car accident that they simply just drive off without thinking. This will end up getting you into a ton of legal trouble, so it is best to just deal with the situation at hand. The second thing to do after a car accident in Arlington is to check yourself and any of your passengers for injuries. If there are injuries on your body or your passenger’s body, then you will need to immediately dial 911 for emergency help. Another great tip is to always have a first aid kit in your car at all times for minor cuts and scrapes. In your emergency kit, you’ll need to have band-aids, gauze pads, antibacterial cream, a disposable camera, an emergency contact list, information about any medical allergies or medical history and a paper and pen to record any notes. The third thing to do after a car accident is to slowly get out of the vehicle and check up on the person you had the collision with. Again, if that person or any of the person’s passengers are injured, it is important that you call 911 immediately. If everyone is fine, make sure your car and the other vehicle are moved so that they are out of the way of oncoming traffic. Make sure both cars have their hazard lights on while parked on the side of the road. Once everyone is safe and out of traffic, you then can speak to the other person involved in the accident. Both you and the other person should speak and exchange your own recollection of what happened. The fourth thing to do after a car accident is to exchange information. You will want to give the other person involved your name, phone number, insurance company information, policy number, drivers license, and license plate number. You also will want to obtain the exact same information from the other person involved. It is important that you never mention that the accident was your fault, it is better for you and the other driver if your insurance companies work together to figure this detail out. The fifth thing to do after a car accident is to record any information regarding the accident and photograph the damage. This is when the disposable camera in your first aid kit will come to use. Simply take pictures of any damage and make sure to get the film processed within days after the accident, as the claims adjuster will need it for proof. You also will want to document any eye witnesses and any other information you may find valuable. The sixth thing to do after a car accident in Arlington is to report the accident. The police will not usually come to an accident scene unless there are injuries. It is entirely up to you and the other driver to report the accident. You can file a report at DMV, your local police station or even mail in a downloadable file from DMV’s website. The last thing to do after a car accident in Arlington is to speak with your insurance company and find out the information regarding the details of your coverage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: