Games A hightly anticipated launching video game for Sony’s brand-new portable console, the PlayStation Vita will be Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and will be a Third-Person Action video game. The Uncharted series is the highly popular PlayStation 3 exclusive franchise, and so there will be high hopes for the initial Uncharted video game on PS Vita. The game features gameplay similar to the Uncharted franchise on the PS3, with a mixture of platforming as well as FPS elements. Investigation as well as puzzle solving will be a big component of this video game, and also gamers must utilise hints within Drake’s notebook to help solve game puzzles they come across. This game is going to make use of the PlayStation Vita’s advanced console capabilities, which includes its touchscreen, back touch panel and built-in advanced motion controls. Playing via the touch-screen as well as motion sensors for moving Drake about and targeting are an option, and players can play the game utilising the classic PS3 Uncharted control scheme with dual thumb-sticks, the ‘D’ pad as well as Playstation buttons. A brand new element of this game allows Drake to utilise a camera for taking pics which can be used to identify locales. GAME STORY: Occuring well before the events of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, this storyline sees Nathan heading off on another adventure – this time to uncover the hidden secret regarding the massacre to a Spanish expedition within South America that transpired 400 years ago. Pursuing this legendary route for this specific Spanish excursion, Drake is going to traverse perilous river basins, investigate deep subterranean caves, and also uncover historical temples on his search for a fabled long-lost city. Helping Nathan in this mission will be his long-standing friend Jason Dante and also Marisa Chase, who has a grandfather that is a great archaeologist that has strangely disappeared with no trace. GAME HIGHLIGHTS: Spectacular Cinematic Experience – Making use of the PlayStation Vita’s gorgeous 5-Inch OLED screen, Uncharted: Golden Abyss provides the finest cinematic experience seen using a portable games machine – due to a high-level od detail for the game backdrops, remarkable animation, superb special effects and also over two hours of cut scenes. PlayStation Vita Hardware Functionality – Players can make use of the PlayStation Vita’s touchscreen display and advanced motion sensor whilst enjoying this video game. Make use of the touchscreen to be able to guide Drake when climbing, to pick up weaponry as well as items, when reloading guns, as well as to perform melee combat moves by simply finger-swipes across the touchscreen display. Make use of the built-in motion sensors to steer when driving vehicles, within the sniper-mode to aim the cross-hairs at particular enemies, and by tilting the PS Vita to guide Nathan swing on a rope. Pick Your Controls – Play Uncharted: Golden Abyss using the traditional Ps3 Uncharted controls (dual thumb-sticks, D-Pad as well as PS3 buttons), or utilise the new PlayStation Vita hardware features to help control Nathan (touchscreen and motion sensors). Choose the control scheme that fits ones gaming style. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is planned for launch around February 22nd, and is going to be released exclusively for PS Vita. The game is published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and this video game was developed by Sony Bend Studio. PEGI 16 will be the specified PEGI ranking for the video game, so that the game is appropriate for ages 16 and higher. Multi-player is not supported within the video game. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: