Medicine The worst enemy of the total human race nowadays is something that the human beings have created – Drug Addiction. It has been killing thousands of people every year all over the world and no one can do anything about it. Drug addiction has taken control over a large part of our society and killing its abuser slowly and painfully. Once a person gets deeply addicted to any kind of opiates, there is nothing he can do but feel his death approaching towards him. However, there is one step that can be taken to stop a person from taking drugs and get back his normal healthy life admitting him in an opiate rehab. Proper treatment in any famous opiate rehab is the only way to cure a person from this drug addiction disease. There is no other of curing any drug addicted person. The two main reasons for drug addiction are intentional addiction and accidental addiction. Intentional addictions to opiates are the general cases of addiction. When a person starts taking opiates for getting a heightened feeling even after knowing the side effects of addiction and gradually gets addicted to them, it is the intentional addiction. Most observed cases of drug addiction are intentional. The teenagers are the worst victims of opiate addiction. The main opiates they use are the pharmaceutical drugs and other easily available drugs like marijuana. Pharmaceutical drug abuse among the teenagers has increased a lot in the past few years. Pharmaceutical drugs like the painkillers, anti-depressants are cheap and easily available in the medical stores. The kids do not find it hard to get a bottle of these medicines from any medical store. And since these medicines are not illegal, the store keepers sell them to the kids without any hesitation. After taking the painkillers for few days, the kids become victims of painkiller addiction. Several cases of accidental addiction to painkillers and other prescription drugs have also been observed. When a person suffers from any type of ailment, he or she is often prescribed with painkillers by the doctors. When any such person neglects the doctors prescription and takes the painkillers according to their will, they slowly become physically and mentally dependant on these medicinal drugs. This gradually leads to severe addiction to painkillers. Drug addiction has killed a lot of people till now. Now it is our turn to uproot it from our society and destroy it permanently. All we need to do is notify general people about the ill effects of painkiller addiction and top them from taking these medicines. This step can be taken for those who are not already addicted to painkillers. But those who have already become deeply addicted to painkillers, the only way to bring them to normalcy is to admit them in any painkiller rehab and provide them with proper treatment and care. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: