Vacation-Rentals To beat the scorching sun or to warm up the romance in our lives, hills stations are the best place to go. To rejuvenate your soul, a visit to Dehradun is a must. It is one trip that everyone should plan in a lifetime. Experience the mystic beauty of the Himalayas, the gurgling waterfalls, the winding roads and so many things more. Dehradun as a major tourist location of northern India has grown immensely in the last few years. The number of tourists visiting the place has risen considerably while the investors are pouring in to try its virgin markets. As a hill station, Dehradun has a lot of advantage which is the reason it is attracting more people. The temperate weather is the biggest boon to the place, while scenic beauty has uplifted its charm. Moreover, it has abundant water resources (because of the streams and waterfalls), electricity is also ample and the governments support is making things easier for new investors. Real estate in Dehradun is booming with soaring prices and escalating demands. New apartments, malls, multiplexes, restaurants and hotels are changing the look of this city Dehradun restaurants are the best in the hill station that one can boast of. Surrounded by beauty all around, hotels like TownTable have luxurious and spacious interiors, excellent food and amicable service. Other Dehradun restaurants are no different as they are of equal, if not better standards. Since the place attracts a lot of tourists, there are many kinds of hotels and resorts in and around Dehradun. While each one is different from the other, all of them have maintained high standards of service. A stay in this hill station gets better because of these beautiful hotels. Another very common characteristic of a hill station that Dehradun too has is its excellent education system. Dehradun schools are among the best in the country having many luminaries as their alumni. Doon School particularly is very famous. Other Dehradun schools are Welham School for Girls, Welham School for Boys. Dehradun colleges are not behind in this field. Many of the countrys brave soldiers have passed out of the prestigious Indian Military Academy. The Greco-Roman architecture, the sprawling landscape has also made it one of the most visited sites in Dehradun. The Forest Research Institute also holds equal importance among Dehradun colleges. The government of Uttarakhand is trying its best to attract more and more people to the state. Dehradun being the capital is the centre of all activities. Adding to it also is its strategic location that makes it ideal for camping tourists. Allindoon is a repository of information on Dehradun on the Internet. There is so much to know about Dehradun, so many areas to explore, that a comprehensive website is a necessity. Allindoon has fulfilled this void on the Internet by providing up-to-date information, be it on real estate in Dehradun or anything else. Check out other articles at . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: