Writing-and-Speaking In the year 2012 there are 25 million people using Twitter, 750 million people using Facebook and around a billion people using Google. This means that there are somewhere around two billion people using social and search media and you have to set yourself apart from all of them with the right social signals. Thanks to the efforts of Google and Facebook search marketing won’t ever be the same again. It is primarily via Google but don’t worry–if you would like to rank well within the SERPS, it is important that you figure out what you can do to get the most out of the different social signals that you can find online. If you learn as much as you can about Open Graph, you will be able to use it to gain exposure. This is nothing new, but it came along at the right time and can be used for this purpose. What you’ll need to do is learn how to apply the markup, similar to HTML which is a markup language, to your web pages. You can come up with meta data descriptions for you webpage, graphics and other things. Then you can take much more advantage of widgets for various social media. This will make your site even more social friendly. You want to have as many resources in place so you can gain as much advantage as is possible. If you have business accounts on the different social sites, how often do you post to them? In order to keep your audience happy it is important that you post regularly. One of the things about Facebook is that if you ignore your audience they will assume that you aren’t interested or that you have disappeared. Then you’ll start fading from memory, and they’ll stop going to your page. It is important to avoid this, so make sure that the communications you do are consistent. You don’t have to spend copious amounts of time on this, quick updates are all it takes to hold interest. Do not forget that the SEO you use on your Facebook page can be quite helpful in other parts of your search marketing too. You shouldn’t create any content that looks spammy. Seeing as how the people at Facebook are also in the Google SERPS it shouldn’t surprise you that they are already quite savvy here. In addition to that, you are going to need to track and measure the search results for your content on social networks too. It looks like the relationship between Google and Twitter isn’t as good as it used to be. So the real time results with Twitter have been gone from the SERPS for some months. You can still use Facebook to your advantage with SEO. Don’t worry about Google and social signals. If you crank out plenty of good content and your blog readers are happy, then you are clearly on the right track. Now, you just need to harness the social signals people are willing to create and you’ll be fine. Well right now most Brisbane SEO experts apply the many features of the social signal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: