Software In recent days Facebook becomes most famous Social networking site. This social networking site is interesting, attractive to some, notorious, unsafe and at times even beneficial. Social networking sites can be a wonderful way for one to get contact, but needs to be treaded upon carefully flexible sell till proper interaction has commenced. At the same time, online social interaction, which has become a very famous online activity, there is always a good amount of danger involved. Like all the simple and good people we know, bad social elements and notorious criminals are also waiting in prowl, also networking with us alike online, and unlike our simple desires of using these sites like Facebook, for fun and meeting new people and sharing common interests, etc., these dangerous people are out there to use the weakest link available and prey upon. With the help of Facebook you can connect with your dear friends can be just as important as family. Now you can emphasize family members and the other important people in your life, like your best friends or loved ones all right on your profile but, if you share wrong information and that too, to a wrong person, the end results can be really dangerous. There have been many instances in the past of teens getting killed being forced to commit suicide principally being abducted by the so called child predators, online on the site. Social networking disadvantages can be significantly reduced with one following basic security tips. Use the privacy settings on your profile. Provide the least possible and only safe personal information. Take care to equip the safety features of your computer like Antivirus, Anti-phishing and a good firewall feature. Online networking sites like Facebook make massive revenues on advertisements. Ads quite a few of them are notorious in having virus codes, which can be harmful. Report violating content as and when it comes in front of you. Social networking sites are also used for business promotion. As we have seen above, all good things have their negative aspect lying in lurk in the shadow, at all times. It will be prudent to take extra care and safety measures when using social networking sites like Facebook and safely prevent getting burgled. Be very careful. Dont post details on your profile that is not essential for the whole world to see. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: