in winter while still, the breath of spring seemed to

wants to sleep with you on the grass and listen to the wind

wants to ride with you on the high road singing

would like to see the most beautiful waters with you and marvel at the magic of nature

January brings hope to all

in the new year’s arrival, not as good as their own circle of a travel dream

1, Yellowstone National Park, morning glory pool

it is God gave the world a pearl, the United States is proud to call "the world’s most unique magical paradise". Here is the tropical wonders, nature, with the wind and water ice and wind here to elaborate, gave birth to its charming scenery, which geysers and hot springs is its most distinctive scenery.

morning glory pool is the most beautiful many hot springs in Yellowstone National Park, which belongs to the hot springs, geysers than temperature is usually low, so which can produce abundant algae.

for decades, visitors have been to morning glory pool throwing coins, pray for good luck. The presence of a large number of coins blocks the hot vents, reduces the temperature in the pool and causes a chemical reaction. And the spring morning glory pool color with different temperature changes.

spring contains a variety of metal ions, in the low angle light source, the clear water is more blue, the golden color of the outer edge is more distinct, like a blooming morning glory.

2, pink tide,

, Queensland, Australia

Pink Lake is located on Middle Island, the largest island in Recherche, Western Australia, Island.

The surface of Lake

showed a solid like bubblegum pink, surrounded by sand and paperbark and Eucalyptus composed of dense forest.

Fearing Des, who was in the process of investigating the surrounding waters, met this unusual Pink Lake, and found that, in addition to the salt extracted in the past few years, the island and its Pink Lake were almost unchanged. Since then to provide visitors with one of the most amazing world-class natural wonders.

There is a narrow strip of Changsha Hills between the

Pink Lake and the blue southern ocean. The origin of the Pink Lake has so far no solution.

The beach and Sydney white powder tender

lake, here is the photographer’s paradise, is also called "the mood is calm to beauty, it has a good name, Lake Hiller (healing Lake).

3, Sichuan, China, Jiuzhaigou, the five flower