Ningbo Alipay 320 yuan turn the wrong account with false customer service and cheated 5 thousand

if you transfer when Alipay turned the wrong account, what will it take remedial measures? Ms. Zhang, who lives in Ningbo, Yinzhou should be due to improper selection of remedial measures, not only did not turn the wrong money back, but also cheated nearly 5000 yuan.

, January 12th at 8 pm, Ms. Zhang to be in the market to buy clothes, through the Alipay payment, she will not be 320 yuan wrong to others, contact Alipay, but did not get a response.

‘s Ms. Zhang anxious, her search to a so-called Alipay online customer service calls, contact each other. Ms. Zhang will be informed of their situation, the other said Ms. Zhang can help to recover the money, and let Ms. Zhang added a "online help center" Alipay account for friends, after each sent a two-dimensional code to scan, that is to verify the chapter lady’s personal information Ms. Zhang did not suspicious, with Alipay’s scanning the two-dimensional code recognition function. After sweeping the two-dimensional code shortly after, Ms. Zhang binding on Alipay in which a bank card was transferred out of nearly 5000 yuan, Ms. Zhang realized that he cheated, then she should be down to the local police station reported.