Facebook local time on Sunday said it would update the social networking platform in Germany in the next few weeks to combat the spread of false news.

"We announced last month," said

Facebook, who is in charge of the Department of German news, "on measures to deal with the challenges of false news on Facebook. We will upgrade the system in Germany in the coming weeks."

some of the media reports, the German justice minister Heiko Maas (· HeikoMass) called for Facebook to comply with the relevant laws of Germany and combat defamation. German law is more stringent than the United states.

other government officials worried that the spread of false news on the Internet and hate speech will affect the German parliamentary elections in September this year, Prime Minister Merkel will seek the fourth elected prime minister.

Facebook said in a statement, the company will take measures to make it easier for users to report suspected false news, and will cooperate with the external truth verification agency. False news reports will be marked with warning signs and list the reasons.

Facebook will also take steps to make hackers unable to forge reputable news organizations.

since accepting more than 1 million immigrants, online hate speech in Germany has a tendency to rise.