The Bana Deal hospital 40 years "Chinese love" – International – in the Somali capital of Muqdisho Bana Deal hospital, opened with outpatient building Chinese characters "push" the door, dressed in robes, wearing a headscarf in women and children are waiting orderly. This Chinese by the government in 1976 built the hospital in Muqdisho is the number of comprehensive public hospital, is the largest hospital in Somalia, the existing staff of about 300, approximately 3200 patients received weekly. "When I was in hospital, I worked here. At that time, there are Chinese doctors in each department, they work together with Somali doctors, doctors in Italy, Bana Deal hospital, the oldest nurse, 56 year old Mariam told reporters. "That year, there were more than and 20 Chinese medical teams in the hospital. Chinese doctors noble medical ethics, to help the Somali people. They are very friendly, and we often joke, "Mariam recalls. From 60 to 80s of last century, China helped Somalia to build a number of important infrastructure, and sent medical teams to carry out assistance to somalia. "The hospital is a great project, especially for the benefit of Somali women and children," Bana Deal hospital dean Abdi Razak? Ali said, "I have to work with their doctor and Chinese, good people skill." Ali said that the last century in 70s, 5 China medical team of Somalia, they were working in Muqdisho, Kismayo, Hargeisa, Galle Caillou and other places, in which the maximum number of Muqdisho. In the hospital, another older nurse Du Mu was in 1981 to 1983 years in the hospital and medical staff China Hargeisa, Somalia. Law Du Mu recalled that there were 7 Chinese doctors in the hospital, where Dr. Ma died during the work unfortunately". By the end of 1990, the outbreak of the Somali civil war, after the country’s long war. Chinese medical teams and engineers were forced to evacuate in January 1991. "The civil war completely changed our country. Before the civil war, China government and the government of Italy, the Somali government provided medicine support to Banadir hospital at that time, our drug is sufficient and adequate staff; now we are facing too many difficulties, "Mariam said. In 2012, the Somali peace process made breakthrough progress, the establishment of the first official government and parliament in 21 years. However, the Somali extremist organization Youth Party forces are still in control of some parts of the country, frequent attacks against the government, the reconstruction of the country to somalia. In Muqdisho, almost every month a number of "Youth Party" attacks. The reporter saw many ruins still building the street side, broken walls tell the horrors of war and sorrow. "I hope that the Chinese doctors will come back and help us when the sea is completely peaceful," said ali. Ali also told reporters that his son had studied in China, now working in Dalian. He has been to China 3 times, last year with the delegation of the Ministry of health to visit china. In addition to listening to the "old man" who tell us about the long memory of China, in Pakistan相关的主题文章: