29, the significant cooling Yongcheng day maximum temperature drop of 10 degrees of contemporary life newspaper reporter Hu Lingling   yesterday morning, I woke up when we opened the curtain, as in the past to see is the bright sky, my heart is whispering, do cold air and put our dove? Unexpectedly, opened the door, a cold wind blowing in, a deep breath a sigh! Out the door, an unlined garment seemed cool, the original cold air coming true, the hot weather. 29 evening, Yongcheng chilly street, passers-by have to wear a coat. The contemporary life newspaper reporter Xu Tianbao photo called Guilin on parents, mother said with concern over the phone: "I have to wear a sweater, you should wear more clothes." Mother’s care is always the most intimate. Indeed, the northern cold air strong "arrival", yesterday the significant cooling, the temperature of 16 large areas between 15 DEG -25 DEG, the capital of Nanning city temperature is only 22 degrees, compared with 28 during the same period of the 32 10 degrees C decreased more. Nature is such, while cold air cooling is also to bring us some surprises, such as yesterday, Hengxian sky floating piece of altocumulus translucidus, meteorological experts, in general, actr before the arrival of cold air, clouds gradually thickened, and a thick cloud layer distribution in each other "extrusion" and it will show the shape of cloud scale. These surprises will become a collection of photography enthusiasts. Of course, the cold seems not so soon to be "push back", the temperature rise to guards is not easy, because the cold air under a "package delivery", is expected to Guangxi again in 31 days. According to the Guangxi meteorological observatory is expected to start last night, Baise, Chongzuo, Fangchenggang and other parts of the city have light rain, other areas cloudy. Nanning city dominated by cloudy, local showers, every Sunday, the trip to remember to add clothes, but also with an umbrella, in order to prevent the invasion of cool rain.相关的主题文章: