2016 China? Xiaogan filial piety culture tourism festival in mid October on Hubei Channel – – people.com.cn people.com.cn Xiaogan 30 September, because of "filial piety" named "filial piety" biography. 2016 China Xiaogan filial piety culture tourism festival will be held in mid October in Hubei City, Xiaogan Province, which is the only country in the name of filial piety in the city, held in the thirteenth filial piety cultural tourism festival. The campaign to promote the Chinese filial piety culture, practice the core values "as the theme, the organizing committee will organize a series of mass propaganda and education activities, such as organizing Xiaolian organs, filial piety and filial piety campus community (Village), Xiao Cheng Enterprise" four filial piety "contest held; the most beautiful family award in recognition of activities; held the sixth session of the Xiaogan City filial piety Angel award in recognition of activities; Xiaogan city to host the twelfth session of the youth culture of filial piety and Thanksgiving letter and the fourth session of the summer month activities organized" filial piety; Qingnuan Chongyang "care for the elderly volunteer service activities; organize the 100 year old family family tradition of filial piety story exhibition etc.. At the same time, during the event, and the Federation of Chinese Culture Association, will send joy to the grassroots activities, cultural tourism product design competition, Chu opera performances, the fourth folk art contest and social art team performances, farmer singer singing contest held the theme of filial piety culture; filial piety culture theme micro video contest, organized by the national culture of filial piety theme painting invitation the exhibition, organized the filial piety culture theme photography contest, held the "filial piety" (two) the first special stamps; invite the central and provincial media, the province’s cities and state media to carry out "filial piety? Sense of the world" theme of folk songs. It is reported that from the beginning of 2002, Xiaogan city has successively held the Chinese Filial Piety Culture Tourism Festival, the filial piety culture tourism festival has become popular among people, has become a city of Xiaogan cultural name card. Xiaogan has been rated as the best tourist city in China, the happiest city in the country, the most charming city in China, the hometown of Chinese filial piety culture. (Shaw?) (week: Tim, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: