2 people in Handan at the age of 18 cross-border trafficking Vietnamese women receive 70 thousand cash live pictures picturesThe

client reports (Hebei station in HanDan Railway Station reporter Zhang Yan Handan station reporter Jiang Nan) recently, the Handan Municipal Public Security Bureau after careful investigation, successfully cracked the case of transnational trafficking in women, arrested two suspected trafficking Vietnamese women suspects, rescued a 18 year old Vietnamese woman.

it is understood that in January 6th, the Handan Municipal Public Security Bureau received a public warning Zhou (a pseudonym) said: in December 23, 2016, Linzhang County man Moumou and a man named "forest" for the Vietnamese woman (Zhou) son introduced object, and receive a week 70 thousand yuan in cash, and the object is the Vietnamese name "beautiful, 18 years old.    

after the alarm, the police immediately found out through a lot of work, "beauty" is "forest" to China et al illegally, Zhou Moumou together to daughter-in-law.

finally, police in Linzhang County, the suspect will be "forest", Li Moumou arrested two people. After the trial, two suspects confessed to the crime of the above.

at present, the criminal suspect "forest", Li Moumou has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.