15 year old girl and parents from Guangxi to take the van to Chongqing 5 days 10 days wandering from Guangxi Nanning home, 15 year old Xiao Qin (a pseudonym) let relatives and friends feel alarmed 5 days, yesterday in Chongqing, under the help of the man, she was finally reunited with his father, and take the train home. Strange girl by phone on the evening of 14 8 pm, 462 major Guo Yan is in front of the dispatcher control room on duty, a teenage girl suddenly appeared in the schedule outside, "aunt, can I borrow your phone, make a telephone call to my mother, I want my mother." Then the girl started crying. Guo Yan immediately took the girl to the dispatch room, while comfort, while understanding the situation. Through the guidance and careful inquiry, a girl told Guo Yan to let her surprise. Take off the truck to the Chongqing girl said, her name is Xiao Qin, 15 years old, who lives in Guangxi, Nanning. 10, because under the school thing and parents quarrel, so she did not bring anything, went to a local freight market, begged a truck driver to take her to Chongqing. The girl said to the truck driver, parents work in Chongqing, suddenly thought of their parents, and want to see." Guo Yan was informed that the good truck driver with a small piano, opened a day and night to Chongqing. All the way to see her small, and no money to eat, take care of her to buy food, drink. On the morning of 12 trucks to a freight market in the small Qin to know parents place as an excuse to the driver said goodbye, go to the Three Gorges Square, began in the surrounding street. Hungry begging at night to sleep on the street, we see that I am relatively small, but also a girl, are willing to help me, give me to eat." Small Qin said, they do not have identity cards, who have no money, hungry to restaurants, snack shops, roadside stalls aunts begging, 12 and 13 in the evening, she slept in the street with many people, there is no accident. 14 evening, begging for not very hungry, but also think of the Mid Autumn Festival is the second day, she went to the nearby room to help the 462 scheduling. The girl was very hungry when I next to the noodle shop to her cook a bowl of noodles, also bought a bottle of water, she quickly finished." Guo Yan said, after eating noodles, Xiaoqin told the parents of the phone, but the phone has been shut down two. See not contact their parents, Xiaoqin cry more sad. Father rushed to Chongqing to pick up her evening 9 o’clock, police received Guo Yan rushed to the scene in 110. Unable to contact the parents on the phone, the police will be received by the police station, the police station through the household registration information is finally linked to parents. Yesterday afternoon, Xiao Qin father rushed to Chongqing from Nanning. The moment she saw her father, she cried her eyes. "Dad, I’ll never leave home again, and I won’t let you and mom worry." "This time my daughter ran away, and she was a big blow to me and my wife." Xiaoqin father did not want to talk about the quarrel with her daughter, but has always said that too little care about the past, the future will strengthen communication and exchanges, this will not blame her daughter, daughter peace is the most important thing. Currently, the father and daughter in Chongqing for a short time.相关的主题文章: